Let's put it this way:

The amount of excitement I have being able to do what I love
basically seeps out through my pores
Firstly, thanks for taking the time to check me out! As the single mother two amazing boys, my photog journey was a long, slow start while I worked and spent time with these two loves right here

I've been doing DSLR photography for over 10 years - but only full time since 2021, when people who believed in me helped me leave my 15 years of a 9-5 customer service job to go full time in photography and start my business. I moved to
Phoenix a few months later from Tucson and was SO LUCKY to begin to shoot as a 2nd & 1st photographer for amazing local photogs including Harley Bonham Photography and Glenn with LightRain Images.absolutely love the creative freedom that can come with second shooting, but equally love being the reliable, genuine, awkward friend I get to be for brides while I direct and snag meaningful images
Camera - Canon 6D & Canon R
Lenses - 24-70mm 2.8 RF  |  85mm 2.0 macro |  100mm 2.0 macro
Flashes - AD200  |  Flashpoint R2  
Mods - Godox large softbox  

What's in my bag?


Hey There



I'm a mix of a confident director, entertainer, helper, and somewhat goofy friend on wedding days.

My style involves throwing out witty (I hope!)  jokes, watching timelines, creating interactions and connecting with clients
to bring out the most authentic of joyful moments & romance. 


P.S.   My name is Robyn Dunne.  

(get it? ...Dunne Right?)

It's important to choose a photographer with the vibe that fits you!


About Robyn