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Let's put it this way:

The amount of excitement I have being able to do what I love
basically seeps out through my pores
Camera - Canon 6D & Canon R
Lenses - 24-70mm 2.8 RF  |  85mm 2.0 macro RF|  100mm 2.0 macro | 50mm 1.8
Flashes -  Three AD200's  |  Flashpoint R2  on-cam |  Godox flashes
Mods - Large softbox, shoot-through and reflective umbrellas, Magmod gear 

What's in my bag?


P.S.   My name is Robyn Dunne.  

(get it? ...Dunne Right?)
Photo History

It started when I was very young - I remember being at a youth event and seeing a photo on the back of an old DSLR camera of myself and other kids running... I said to him "WOW, that looks even more real than real life!"

While in the Army in 2008 while training to be a medic, I put my savings into purchasing my first DSLR camera (a Canon 50D) which I used snapping pictures around the base, trying my hand at family portraits, and then at a wedding. 

As a single mother working full time, it was so difficult  to find opportunities to learn - but I squeezed it in, often with my boys alongside.

In 2021 I was financially gifted by dear friends who believed in me with enough money to leave my job, upgrade my gear, and move from Tucson to Phoenix to work full time as a photographer.  In these two years I've photographed hundreds of weddings, engagements, family sessions, events and corporate events and learned how to work with flash photography.

Living my passion is unequivocally the best experience of my life aside from the blessing of mothering two loving, intelligent, inquisitive boys!


About Me



I'm a mix of a confident director, comedian, helper, and somewhat goofy friend during sessions. I laugh a lot, encourage kids to be kids, and let my "awkward" shine to bring out giggles.

My style involves throwing out witty (I hope!)  jokes, watching timelines, creating interactions & real moments, and connecting to bring out the most authentic of joyful moments & romance. 


It's important to choose a photographer with the vibe that fits you!


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