About Me


Hello!! And welcome to my little magical place of love & nature!

I'm Robyn Dunne, a purple and blue haired (yes, it's totally natural) Chicago-native and the single mother of two incredible boys living in the stunning Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona. 

Despite being an artist of all types from birth and a self-proclaimed hippie as an adult, I signed up for the Army in 2008 to be a Combat Medic. After saving up some money while in the Army, I got my first DSLR camera and fell *completely* in love with photography. 
That journey began in 2012. 


I've now photographed over 60 weddings and am loving that I grow with every shoot -- come be a part of the journey!

Dear anxious and/or awkward souls or parents with shy children - do not fear! I'm incredibly goofy and love making everyone feel comfortable & natural. You won't feel like you're at a photo shoot when we're hanging out.

I will likely break out in different accents and voices.

When I'm out and about you may find me meditating in the woods, two-stepping at a country bar, chasing & photographing storms, UFO hunting in Sedona or singing karaoke! 

P.S. I was kidding about the natural purple hair ...that color takes work!