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ALBUM: Wanderlust Wedding

Hey wanderlust enthusiasts and wedding lovers!

Gather 'round as I take you on a journey to a magical desert town and share a behind-the-scenes peek into an Instagram-famous travel couple's breathtaking wedding with a National Park theme. From cacti to constellations, this wedding had it all!

A Dream Venue: The Paseo, Apache Junction Nestled in the heart of the desert town of Apache Junction, The Paseo proved to be an ethereal setting for this unique wedding celebration. The rustic charm of the venue blended seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, creating a picturesque backdrop for the love story of our Instagram-famous travel couple.

Assisting the Magic: Behind the Lens As the assistant shooter for this captivating event, I was fortunate to witness the whirlwind of love, excitement, and meticulous planning that went into crafting every detail. From capturing candid moments during the getting ready process to documenting the heartfelt vows, every click of the camera lens was an opportunity to encapsulate the essence of this couple's journey.

Love Beyond Borders: The Couple's Story Our bride and groom, with a hefty Instagram following and an insatiable thirst for exploration, had embarked on countless adventures together. Their love story had taken them across continents and cultures, and now, it was time for the most significant chapter yet. Their wedding day was a true reflection of their adventurous spirits, with personalized touches that showcased their unique journey.

Under the Starry Desert Sky: The Grand Finale As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm, golden glow across the desert landscape, the day seamlessly transitioned into a starlit night. The celebration continued under a blanket of twinkling stars, and that's when the magic truly happened. An astro portrait session was the perfect finale for this dreamy day. With the Milky Way as our backdrop, the couple's love was illuminated by the cosmic dance above. The resulting images captured their awe and admiration for both each other and the universe around them.

A Love Story Written in the Stars As I look back on my role as the assistant shooter for this wedding, I'm reminded that love stories come in all shapes and sizes. From exotic travel destinations to intimate moments under the celestial canopy, every detail we captured told a story that will be cherished for a lifetime.

This wedding was a testament to the fact that love knows no boundaries, and when two souls unite in a place as vast and enchanting as the desert, the universe itself seems to celebrate their union.

Cheers to love, adventure, and the stars that guide us,

Robyn Dunne,

Assistant Shooter and Storyteller Extraordinaire

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