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PLANNING: First Look - To Do or Not To Do?

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

What are the benefits and what are the downfalls to seeing each other before your walk down the aisle... read on to hear the pro's and con's

The list isn't very long, but can have a lasting impact on your day. Check it out!


Already feeling nervous about being the center of attention? This option gives you the chance to have those intimate moments together without hundreds of eyes on you. Get your tears out now so you can read your vows without all of the sobbing.

More time for portraits! If you do a first look a couple of hours before your ceremony, this frees up that period before the ceremony to do Bridal Party and Bride + Groom (or Bride + Bride or Groom + Groom) Portraits, giving you time you would otherwise not have to enjoy cocktail hour with your friends and family. Post-ceremony portraits will only need to include family and one more (less lengthy) Bride + Groom (or Bride + Bride or Groom + Groom) portraits


Do you dream of those tear-filled moments when

they finally see you walking down the aisle? Then this option is not for you. Period.

Is your Ceremony scheduled for a few hours before sunset? Then you'd be mostly dedicated to finding the shady spots (if your venue has them) for doing your first look and bridal party portraits. Also, if it's a warm day, you and your bridal party will start sweating early in the day. Better freshen up before the ceremony!

P.S. Be sure your photographer knows how to shoot in full sun if you've got a low-shade venue!

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