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PLANNING: Things to AVOID on Your Wedding Day

Updated: Feb 15

From shoes with rhinestones to a ceremony in the midday sun, check out what to avoid on your wedding day and why!

After shooting some 200 weddings, I have some much-needed advice to help you lovebirds avoid unnecessary woes on an already stressful day.

Yes, you can prepare in order to avoid trips & falls, unsatisfactory photography, and dress tears with these tips and tricks!

Tip #1 - Don't. Choose. Rhinestones. TRUST ME.

I know, I know; what bride wouldn't want the most amazing sparkly, diamond-encrusted heels or chucks for the one day they are dressed to the 9's and dazzling their friends and family? As beautiful as it looks in your minds eye...

it's usually not worth it! Unless you're rocking a stellar short dress, expect those rhinestones to get caught on the inner linings of your gown and those shoes will be replaced as soon as you've got the chance.

Tip #2 - Blinded By Your Beauty?

You'd be surprised how many wedding venues don't plan their ceremony area to accommodate for the sun, leaving your partner, bridal party and guests squinting in the sun or stuck in half-sun/half-shadow. You'll get less pleasant images, more discomfort and distraction, not to mention the sweat!

Try this instead: