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PLANNING: Things to AVOID on Your Wedding Day

From shoes with rhinestones to a ceremony in the midday sun, check out what to avoid on your wedding day and why!

After shooting some 200 weddings, I have some much-needed advice to help you lovebirds avoid unnecessary woes on an already stressful day.

Yes, you can prepare in order to avoid trips & falls, unsatisfactory photography, and dress tears with these tips and tricks!

Tip #1 - Don't. Choose. Rhinestones. TRUST ME.

I know, I know; what bride wouldn't want the most amazing sparkly, diamond-encrusted heels or chucks for the one day they are dressed to the 9's and dazzling their friends and family? As beautiful as it looks in your minds eye...

it's usually not worth it! Unless you're rocking a stellar short dress, expect those rhinestones to get caught on the inner linings of your gown and those shoes will be replaced as soon as you've got the chance.

Tip #2 - Blinded By Your Beauty?

You'd be surprised how many wedding venues don't plan their ceremony area to accommodate for the sun, leaving your partner, bridal party and guests squinting in the sun or stuck in half-sun/half-shadow. You'll get less pleasant images, more discomfort and distraction, not to mention the sweat!

Try this instead:

- Choose a venue with a shaded Ceremony/Altar Space

- Download the PhotoPils App to see exactly where the sun will be on the date and time of your ceremony and plan accordingly - Set out umbrellas for your guests

- Choose a ceremony space with the sun directly behind you at the altar

- Begin your ceremony (if it's no longer than 30 minutes) 10-15 minutes before sunset for a beautiful sunset and blue hour ceremony with gorgeous lighting. NOTE: Consider doing a First Look several hours before the Ceremony so your photographer can take your Couple & Family Portraits in the daylight.

Tip #3 - Don't Trip, yo!

But seriously, follow this tip if you want to decrease the chance of yourself or someone you love tripping down the aisle!
Consider NOT using an aisle runner on grass. Nope, it doesn't matter how many rocks or beautiful flower-filled vases you use to hold it down, it will bunch up as people walk on it - which will leave you with images of your bridal party watching their feet the whole time down the aisle, and the chance of a twisted ankle or two. Especially for those in heels!
Additionally, they get dirty quickly and don't make for the most beautiful of pictures in the end.

Tip #4 - Big Stress = Big Mess

We know your Wedding Day (and the months leading up) can be stressor after stressor because the goal was always to have a perfect wedding - use these tips to try to remove the stress from your day so you can marvel in the beauty of all of your hard work: Designate your Go-To people for your big day! Who is going to be sure the cake is on it's way, the flowers are going to be delivered to the right place, the photographer has your gown and shoes and bridal details? Those little details are best left off of the Bride/Groom's lap to keep your stress to a minimum.
Create a playlist ahead of time with your favorite music - the music that really makes your soul sing and your heart at peace - to listen to from the moment you wake up until you're ready to walk down the aisle. Plan out the smaller details: when are you going to eat, who's going to bring you a quick snack and water after the ceremony/during portraits, who's bringing items from your house to the venue? Does Mom stress you the eff out or does your brother get on your nerves too easily? Deeply consider who you want around you during the many hours before you walk down the aisle. Consider setting aside specific tasks for them ahead of time so you're sure to have the vibes around you that will make your day memorable for all of the best reasons.

Tip #5 - Put Down Your Damn Phone!

It's time for you to enjoy the efforts you've been making for months - if you really want to get some wedding content on your phone there are options!

Hire a Phonetographer to grab short vids and pics from the day that are perfect for Stories, Reels and other Social Media purposes.

I offer this service $35/hr so you don't need to steal one of your friends away from the fun
ALSO, Go "Unplugged" during your ceremony! Ask yourself: do I want pictures of me walking down the aisle surrounded by a sea of phones or a sea of faces?

In Short, Planning Is KEY!
The more planning the better - but if it feels like too much to deal with, a wedding planner is a really awesome use of your wedding funds! What tips and tricks do YOU have to share about things to avoid for a smoother wedding day?

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